Mercury and Lead Detoxification Program

How do these metals get into our bodies?

  • Almost all fish contain mercury in their bodies from absorption from the ocean water. This form of mercury is Organic Mercury, the more toxic form. The larger the fish (e.g.: Tuna), the greater the percentage of organic mercury in their bodies.
  • Pregnant mothers pass on two-thirds (2/3) of their mercury load to their unborn child.
  • Lead is still being used in paints in the mainland, including painting toys for children. Some cottage-industry ceramic wares are still lead based.

What are the toxic effects on us?
Mercury can cause Gastro-intestinal disorders, Kidney disorders, Lung disorders, and Neurological disorders.
Lead poisoning can be acute or chronic. Organs involved include Kidney, Brain and Nervous System, Gastro-Intestinal Tract. 
How do we know we have the metals in our bodies?
HK MEDSPA offers two important tests:

  1. The screening test based on Hair Analysis. A sample of hair is obtained and sent to a laboratory for heavy metal analysis. A positive result means you were exposed to the metal.


  2. A Urine Toxic Metals Test involves a spot urine for analysis. A positive result means you are currently excreting the metal, and therefore need detoxification.


How to Detoxify?
Our doctors will propose personal recommendations for you based on your test results and a thorough consultation including results follow up.