Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a science-based health care medicine in which belongs to the field of preventive medicine. It aims to maintain or correct organ functions based on test results. It also promotes health maintenance by helping people understand the reasons on the improper functioning of body systems.

Functional medical tests
Performed by collecting blood, urine, saliva, faeces, and hair samples, functional medical tests help to accurately evaluate the fluency of the organ functions in a scientific manner. 

Functional Medicine in four steps

  1. Investigation: health professional gathers your personal health information.


  2. Examination and analysis: based on a Functional Medicine examination (pre-detection of disease) and combined with a clinically focused examination (investigate existing disease), health professional thoroughly understands your current health condition, evaluate the function of the organs and the risk of occurrence of specific diseases.


  3. Interference and improvement: based on the examination results and personal life style and eating habits, health professional designs a personal health management program.


  4. Protection and maintenance: based on the complete health profile combined with individual goals and personal needs, you design with your doctor a prevention and maintenance program affecting diet, exercise and mood.

The functional medicine program include:


›   Mercury and Lead Detoxification Program
›   Gut Health Program
›   Insulin Resistance Program
›   Weight Management Program
›   Liver Support Therapy
›   Hormone Normalization Therapy